ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, AJAX Interview Questions my experience

ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, AJAX Interview Questions

If you aware of this interview questions for ASP.NET with C#. you can clear interview up to 50% guarantee. If you know any answers please fill in the comments section. 

  1. What is mean by transaction in SQL Server?
  2. How to Change Identity column value of the SqlServer Table
  3. What are Max number of columns allows per table in SQL Server?
  4. Difference between Primary key and unique key?
  5. What is difference between having and Where clause?
  6. What is SQL Server paging?
  7. A table can have indexes. So, what are possibilities are there for tables?
  8. Query for column values by comma separated in Sql Server?
  9. Write a query for second highest salary using SQL Server?
  10. What are inner joins, Outer joins and self joins?
  11. Types of Cursors?
  12. write a function for converting integer into into time?
  13. Using select statement how to insert data into other table?
  14. What are isolation levels while using transactions?
  15. What is the maximum number of indices per table in SQL SERVER?
  16. Is SQL Server functions Pre-compiled statements?
  17. What are the main disadvantages of the index in SQL Server?
  18. SQL Query: Select duplicate records using group by and having clause
  19. What are DML, DCL, TCL and DDL statements in SQL Server? Explain briefly with an example?
  20. What are difference between stored procedure and functions?
  21. What is profiles in SQL Server?
  22. Sql stored procedures performance tuning tips and tricks?
  23. What is Cascading referential integrity constraint?
  24. SQL Query performance tips and tricks?
  25. What is difference between primary key and candidate key?
  26. How many types of indexes are there in SQL Server?
  27. difference between #tempTable,##tempTable,@tableName?
  28. Types of Joins in SQL Server? What are link between Common Table Expression and SQL Server?
  29. Types of views in SQL Server?
  30. What is sub query? How many types of sub queries are there in SQL Server?
  31. how many kinds of views..
  32. query to find previous interset row...
  33. how many @ variable types in sql server.
  34. Types of SQL Server joins with examples?
  35. What are Cursors?Advantages and disadvantages of Cursors?
  36. What are the differences between drop, delete and truncate statements in SQL Server?
  37. Where did you use Cursors in your project?
  38. What are different types of temp tables in the SQL Server?
  39. What are the difference between global and local temporary tables in SQL Server?
  40. Can we give referential integrity or foreign key constraint on temporary tables?
  41. How to delete temporary tables in sql server?
  42. In which database temporary tables will store in sql server?
  43. What is index? How many types of indexes are there in SQL SERVER?
  44. What is difference between clustered index and non clustered index in sql server?
  45. Views and its limitations (Is it really useful for a project?)
  46. Stored procedures and its test priority.
  47. Write small query on Group by having syntax?
  48. triggers and cursors in your application?
  49. can we call stored procedure with in stored procedure?
  50. What is concurrency? What are problems in database concurrency?
  51. What is optimistic and pessimistic concurrency?
  52. What is mean by Cascading referential integrity constraint?
  53. What are locks in sql server? How many types of locks are there in SQL Server?
  54. What are SQL Server Isolation levels?
  55. Stored procedures are pre-compiled, then where precompiled data will store?
  56. What is mean by table scan in sql server?
  57. If we do table scan, is there any performance issue?
  58. What is use of an index on the column, if we use in the GROUP BY clause?
  59. How to find how many indices are there for the table using system stored procedure
  60. What are benefits we will get when we use index in SQL Server?
  61. What is Query optimizer? what is the purpose of this?
  62. What is the main purpose of an index, when we maintains unique column in table?
  63. when we have are creating unique clustered index on the primary key column? give me some example?
  64. What is composite index? advantages?
  65. What is Covering query in SQL Server?
  66. What is b-tree?
  67. What is difference between sql server 2005 and sql server 2008 in terms of developer prospective?
  68. How is clustered index and non clustered index will maintain values in the b-tree?
  69. What is difference between @ and @@ variables in the t-sql?

  1. What is  .NET Framework?
  2. What is Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)?
  3. What is Common Language Runtime in .net framework?
  4. What are .net Threads?
  5. Write one example on threads?
  6. The .NET Class Library
  7. What is Managed Code?
  8. What is Common Language Specification (CLS)?
  9. What is Common Type System (CTS)?
  10. What is .net Namespace?
  11. What is Portable Executable(PE) File Format?
  12. What is Just in Time Compiler (JIT)?
  13. What is .Net Framework Metadata?
  14. What is .Net Framework Assembly?
  15. What are properties of Assembly?
  16. What is .NET strong name?
  17. How many types of Assemblies are there?
  18. What is private assembly and Shared Assembly?
  19. What is .Net Satellite Assembly?
  20. What is code access security?
  21. What is mean by Assembly Manifest in .net framework?
  22. What is Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?
  23. What is Garbage Collection?
  24. What is Application domain?
  25. How memory management work in .NET framework?

  1. Explain about your project?
  2. Can we open web.config file through URL?
  3. Can we host ASP.NET web service out side IIS?
  4. What is view state and its disadvantages?
  5. ASP.NET page life cycle concept extension in 3.5?
  6. How did you handle exception in your project?
  7. What is global.asax file?
  8. What is bubble event?
  9. What is AutoEventWireup?
  10. Can we use two web.config files in project? If Possible How?
  11. How many kind of section are there web.config? Explain few of them?
  12. What is caching? types of caching and examples?
  13. What is iDisposable?
  14. What is enum?write one small example?
  15. Where did you use caching in your project?
  16. How HTTP handler work in ASP.NET?
  17. Design Patterns - singleton and Abstract factory?
  18. MVP architecture
  19. MVC architecture
  20. Difference between MVP and MVC Architecture?
  21. 3 tier architecture and difference between tier and layer?
  22. What is UML structure of your project?
  23. How to implement theme in project?
  24. Request Response in ASP.NET?
  25. How to upload large file in using ASP.NET file uploader.
  26. Can we pass dataset through query string?
  27. what is base class for
  28. are we need to give connection to sqlcommand?
  29. what are shared methods?
  30. How u did payment integration In your application. 
  31. What is session?What kind of session you have used in your application?Why you have choose this session mechanism?
  32. What is Lamda expression?
  33. How many server side form validation controls? What are they?
  34. Difference between server side validation and client side validation? Which is reliable and which is fast?
  35. What is LINQ? explain one example?
  36. how to convert object to xml(obj.convertToXml(obj)--need to check)
  37. Difference between value types and reference types...
  38. What is difference between ref and out keywords?
  39. Extension methods preparation in like (.tostring())
  40. What is custom membership?
  41. https mechanism?
  42. SOAP header for method level security?
  43. What is difference between get and post method in form processing?
  44. Difference between user controls and custom controls.
  45. LINQ Example with list?
  46. Late binding. (in linq)?
  47. httpHandlers and httpmodules?
  48. difference between cache and session in the server side? where these are exactly storing?
  49. did u create any framework?
  50. What is delegate? How many types of delegates are there? Where did u use delegates in your application.
  51. What is custom membership?
  52. What is generic class? write code for list<int> lst=new list<int>() with manual coding. 
  53. what is memory management of CLR? Tel me about garbage collector methods>?iDispose and iHandler like that. 
  54. how many types of memory types are there in the programming. 
  55. You know any other technologies rather than this technologies?
  56. session management techniques?
  57. difference between value types and reference types?
  58. What is boxing and unboxing?
  59. why we should not use these boxing and unboxing?
  60. why should not use direct garbage Collector mechanisms?
  61. how to dispose objects explicitly in the
  62. what is useful of "using" keyword?
  63. What are c# 2.0 features?
  64. What are c# 3.0 features?
  65. What are c# 4.0 features?
  66. What is difference between list and linkedlist?
  67. What is difference between arraylist and linkedlist?
  68. what is difference between arraylist and dictionary?
  69. What is difference between dictionary and Hash Table?
  70. What kind of operation will done in wcf operator overloading and web services operator overloading?

  1. web services and WCF ... basic questions
  2. what is contract? how many contracts are there in wcf?
  3. how did u perform client certification using WCF.
  4. What is WCF architecture? What is ABC?
  5. Explain Bindings in WCF with examples?

  1. write some sample code for jQuery? where did u implement all jQuery examples in your application. 

  1. OOPS methodologies with all explanations?
  2. Write a program to count the object instantiation?
  3. Interfaces, abstract methods and its disadvantages?
  4. Different types of classes in OOPS?
  5. run-time polymorphism with all examples as well code modification?
  6. can i create constructor with parameterized without default constructor?
  7. Difference between Static and normal constructor in
  8. what are indexers in C#.NET OOPS 
  9. abstract classes and interfaces?
  10. What is partial class?
  11. Polymorphism-- over load and over rides.
  12. abstract class vs interfaces.
  13. how to compare two objects like obj1=obj2 or obj1.equals(obj2)
  14. access specifiers
  15. over ride
  16. shared methods..
  17. generic classes
  18. delegates
  19. in over ride concept how to call the derived class
  20. method with factory objects.
  21. sealed keyword
  22. we have 3 methods in one class. how to hide one method  in the derived class or normal class or creating object for class also.
  23. Aggregation and Association
  1. What is AJAX Architecture?
  2. What are Methods and properties are there in ASP.NET AJAX?
  3. Where did u use AJAX in your application?
  4. How ajax will call to the server? what is that architecture picture and mechanism?
  5. which method is the important method in the Ajax for connecting server?
  1. How can we print the web page parts using CSS?
  2. Did you use CSS Hacks in your application.

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