WCF interview questions and answers for experienced

WCF Interview Questions and answers

  1. What are differences between WCF and web methods?
  2. Can u list out which binding are using which message encoding mechanism?
  3. Write WCF Architecture?
  4. What are WCF features?
  5. Write a sample program using WCF from service to client?
  6. What is service proxy in WCF? Explain with an example?
  7. What are the differences between XML serialization and data contract serialization? 
  8. How many transport schema's WCF can support?
  9. Explain different types of transaction managers in WCF?
  10. What are the main components of  WCF?
  11. What is WCF?
  12. How to handle exceptions in WCF?
  13. when to use return UnknownExceptionsAsFaults exception handling in WCF? Explain with an example?
  14. When to use Fault exception? Explain with an example?
  15. When should we use iErrorHandler exception in WCF? Explain with an example?
  16. What is ABC?
  17. What is address with an example?
  18. what is binding with an example?
  19. What is Contract with an example?
  20. How to configure reliability in configuration?
  21. What is mean by known type in WCF?
  22. What is mean by service known type in WCF? please explain?
  23. How many types are data contracts are available in WCF? Explain with an example?
  24. What are message exchange patterns in WCF? Please explain?
  25. Example for single message exchange pattern?
  26. Example for request response message exchange pattern?
  27. Example for duplex message exchange pattern? How to implement callback in WCF?
  28. What are URL patterns WCF can support?
  29. How to implement REST in WCF?
  30. What are the different WCF isolation levels in WCF?
  31. How to call WCF services from client? how many ways please specify?
  32. How many contracts are in WCF? 
  33. how to handle security in WCF?
  34. What is transport level security? Please provide some example?
  35. What is message level security in WCF? please explain with an example?
  36. What is service contract? Explain with an example?
  37. What is operation contract?Explain with an example?
  38. What is data contract? Explain with an example?
  39. What is message contract? Explain with an example?
  40. Explain components of WCF message?
  41. What is WCF binding?
  42. What is the difference between WCF and ASP.NET WEB API?
  43. Where we can host WCF services?
  44. What is dual HTTP binding? Explain with an example?
  45. What are instance modes in WCF? Explain with an example?
  46. Explain WCF per call with an example?
  47. Explain WCF singleton with an example?
  48. Explain WCF per session with an example?
  49. Different types of modes of session in WCF?
  50. How to handle method overloading in WCF?
  51. What is throttling and how to implement throttling in WCF with an example?
  52. How to give security to specific operation in WCF?
  53. How to do validation in WCF?
  54. How to improve WCF services performance?
  55. What is SOA?
  56. What is wsDualHttpBinding?
  57. What is netPeerTCPBinding?
  58. What is netNamedPipeBinding?
  59. What is MSMQIntegrationBinding?
  60. What is netTCPContextBinding?
  61. What is ws2007HttpBinding?
  62. What is wsHttpContextBinding?
  63. What is FederationHttpBinding?
  64. What is service class?
  65. What is BasicHTTPBinding?
  66. What is webHTTPBinding?
  67. What is mean by concurrence in WCF? Explain different types of concurrences in WCF with an example?
  68. What is one-way and two way operation?
  69. what is mean by duplex contracts in WCF?
  70. How can we host a service on two different protocols on a single server?
  71. what many ways are there for hosting a WCF service?
  72. Explain self hosting in WCF with an example?
  73. Explain WAS hosting in WCF with an example?
  74. How WCF support transaction propagation?
  75. How can we host a WCF service in the IIS 7.0 and IIS6.0?
  76. Explain transactions in WCF?
  77. What is mean by durable service? please explain with an example?
  78. How to implement tracing in WCF?
  79. How to track WCF service users?
  80. What is mean by OData? Explain parts of OData?
  81. How to call WCF service using JQUERY? Please explain with an example?
  82. What is streaming concept in WCF?
  83. Explain information cards in WCF?
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