What are the main disadvantages of the index in SQL Server?

Indexes Disadvantages in SQL Server:

  • For every index, memory will allocate in the server. So, Space issue will come. 
  • indexes will increase the weight of the table. So, this is drawback. 
  • For searching only indexes will be good. It will give some performance effect to Insert, delete and update operations. 
  • It will decrease the performance, if it is used for non int datatype Column in Database. 
  • Best practice, use indexing on only INT Datatype column.
  • The main disadvantage of using an index on a SQL table is I don't have to wait for SQL to process queries as long. I mean, how am I going to find time to comment on important fora such as this, if my queries run fast and I can't zip out to the forum between queries?
  • Seriously, I think the advantage of indices far outweighs the liabilities, at least for the developer and user. There are tradeoffs that I expect the DBA to manage, but the more indices on the key columns of my business data, the better.
Any other Disadvantages, blog visitors can write in the comments. 
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