Difference between get and post methods in form submission

Difference between GET and POST

This is one of the good interview Question 

GET : 
  1. Not secure. Because, any one can see data. 
  2. Very fast. 
  3. Max we can pass 255 characters through query strings to server.
  4. Request data is the part of URL. 
  5. GET data is visible to the user. 
  6. Uploading files is not posible through GET method. 
  7. Changes on data will lost after server encoding. 
  8. Get can be used with POST. 
  9. We can bookmart Get in the browser. 
  10. This is use stack method for passing form variables. 
  11. Get can store only 18 form variables. 
  12. This is default method in form submission. 
  13. Handling of special characters in the key value pair is difficult. 
  14. Data should be in the form of text only. 

  1. Secure. It is very difficult to see the post request. 
  2. Compare to GET method, POST is slow. 
  3. There is no limit for data transfer. 
  4. Request data is part of http request. 
  5. POST data is not visible to the user. 
  6. Uploading files is possible through POST method. 
  7. Data is available after server encoding also. 
  8. browser can't book mark this POST request. 
  9. POST is using HEAP method for passing variables. 
  10. POST can store unlimited form variables. 
  11. We have do define explicitly while sending request to the server. 
  12. We can handle special character easily using POST method. 
  13. We can send any data using POST. 

If any other differences please write in comments sections. 

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