Dotnet Framework

1.1. Dotnet Framework
Evolution of Web Development
HTML and HTML Forms
What is Server-Side Programming?
What is Client-Side Programming?
What is  .NET Framework?
C#,VB, and the .NET Languages
What is Microsoft Intermediate Language?
What is Common Language Runtime in .net framework?
What are .net Threads?
The .NET Class Library
Visual Studio
What is Managed Code?
What is Common Language Specification (CLS)?
What is Common Type System (CTS)?
What is .net Namespace?
What is Portable Executable(PE) File Format?
What is Just in Time Compiler (JIT)?
What is .Net Framework Metadata?
What is .Net Framework Assembly?
What are properties of Assembly?
What is .NET strong name?
How many types of Assemblies are there?
What is private assembly and Shared Assembly?
What is .Net Satellite Assembly?
What is code access security?
What is mean by Assembly Manifest in .net framework?
What is Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?
What is Garbage Collection?
What is Application domain?

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