Design patterns definition with examples in dotnet

Design patterns 

Design patters are very important for application program or product development. Here i have gathered some information about design patterns.

What is design pattern?
it is a template for solving the problem in most of the different situations.

Basically design patterns are 3 types:
1. Creational design patterns.
2. structural design patterns.
3. Behavioral design patterns.

1. Creational design patterns: This kind of design patterns are totally depending on the class instantiation. This is also divided into class creation patterns and object creation patterns.

a. class creation patterns: In this, we are using inheritance for the instantiation process.
b. object creation pattern: In this, we are using delegation effectively for completion of the work.

  1. Singleton design pattern
  2. Factory design pattern
  3. Factory Method design pattern
  4. Abstract Factory design pattern
  5. Object Pool design pattern
  6. Prototype design pattern
  7. Builder design pattern

2. Structural design patterns: This kind of design patterns are totally depending on the class and object composition.
  • structural class creation design patterns will use inheritance for composing the interfaces. 
  • structural object design patterns tells, different ways to compose the objects for writing new functionality. 
  1. Bridge design pattern
  2. Composite design pattern
  3. Facade design pattern
  4. Flyweight design pattern
  5. Proxy design pattern
  6. Adapter design pattern
  7. Decorator design pattern
  8. Private class data design pattern
  9. Memento design Pattern
3. Behavioral Design Patterns: This kind of design patterns are totally depending on the class's objects communication.

  1. Command design pattern
  2. Interpreter design pattern
  3. Iterator design pattern
  4. Memento design pattern
  5. Null Object design pattern
  6. State design pattern
  7. Strategy design pattern
  8. Template method design pattern
  9. chain of responsibility design pattern
  10. Mediator design pattern
  11. Observer design pattern
  12. Visitor design pattern

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