JQuery Interview Questions or FAQ'S or Important Questions with answers

JQuery Interview Questions or FAQ's

What is JQuery? Why we have to use JQuery for our applications?
What is CDN for JQuery? If CDN will fail, how to handle JQuery file?
Write any sample program using JQuery?
How to zoom image using JQuery?
How to move image left to right and right to left using JQuery?
How to split text or string in JQuery using split?
How to refresh/reload part of page using Javascript or JQuery in ASP.NET?
What is the use of jQuery.NoConflict?
How to disable buttons using JQuery?
How to enable buttons using JQuery?
How to disable right click on browser using JQuery?
what are the important methods in JQuery?
When JQuery ready event will fire?
What are selectors in Jquery? Explain each one with an example?
How to execute jQuery code after the browser window is completely loaded?
What is JQuery Core?
What looping structures are there in JavaScript?
What are different types of selectors in JQuery?
what is use of .pushStack() in JQuery?
What is delegate method in JQuery? How to use it?
How to do AJAX call using JQuery? How to get server response for Ajax call using JQuery?
How to use class, division and other html tags using JQuery in the selectors?
How do you update ajax response with id " resilts"?
What are the Ajax functions in JQuery?
How to get query string values using JQuery?
How to get data of particular element of JQuery?
How to work with checkboxs (check and uncheck)?
How do you get the text value of a selected option?
How to work with radio buttons(check and uncheck)?
How to fetch all the elements of html page in JQuery?
In your applications, where did use JQuery?
What are differences between JQuery and Ajax?
Write a sample program for alert in JQuery?
How to disable form elements using JQuery?
How to enable form elements using JQuery?
How to check or uncheck radio button using JQuery?
What is JQuery.connect?
How to work with CSS using JQuery?
Can we use two or more document.ready() in same page?
How to change Hyperlink url using JQuery?
How to enable and disable element using JQuery?
How to check whether  element exists or not using JQuery?
How to get values of selected check boxes using JQuery?
What is document.ready()? Difference between onload and document.ready()?
What is $ sign meaning in JQuery?
What are the uses of JQuery? why we have to use JQuery?
What is DOM? 
What are Extension methods in the JQuery?
How to implement prototypes in the JQuery?

Validation in JQuery:
How to do eMail validation using JQuery?
Using regular expressions how to validate numeric text box using JQuery?
How to validate text box is empty of not using JQuery?
How to validate character count of text box using JQuery?

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