Top new T-SQL features in SQL Server 2012

Top new T-SQL features in SQL Server 2012 

In the Previous chapter we have learnt about what is Transact-SQL. In this chapter we will learn all features and methods of transact-SQL. This is one of the best SQL Server Interview Question

5.   Function
                                          i.    CONCAT()
                                        ii.    FORMAT()
                                          i.    CHOOSE()
                                        ii.    IIF()
                                         i.    DATEFROMPARTS ()
                                        ii.    DATETIMEFROMPARTS()
                                       iii.    DATETIME2FROMPARTS()
                                      iv.    DATETIMEOFFSETFROMPARTS ()
                                       v.    SMALLDATETIMEFROMPARTS()
                                      vi.    TIMEFROMPARTS()
                                     vii.    EOMONTH()
                                         i.    PARSE ()
                                        ii.    TRY_CONVERT ()
                                       iii.    TRY_PARSE ()
                                          i.    LAG()
                                        ii.    LEAD()
                                       iii.    LAST_VALUE()
                                      iv.    FIRST_VALUE()
                                        v.    CUME_DIST()
                                      vi.    PERCENTILE_DISC ()
                                     vii.    PERCENT_RANK()

                                    viii.     PERCENTILE_CONT()

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