Abstract class definition with example in C#.Net

Abstract Class 

Using Abstract keyword, we can create a class using C#.net. Main purpose of the Abstract class is for inheritance for defining the features of the non abstract and derived classes.

public abstract class IAmAbstract
//we will write class members here. 

Important points:

  • An abstract class can't be instantiated. 
  • Main purpose of the abstract class is to provide the common definition of the parent class to the multiple child classes. 
  • Abstract classes can have the abstract methods. Abstract methods don't have implementation. So, when ever we extend abstract class we have to implement this abstract method. 
  • When Abstract class is having the virtual method, still we want to use same method we can override the method.

Example Program:

// compile with: /target:library
public class ClassA
    public virtual void Work(int i)
        // Original implementation.

public abstract class ClassB : ClassA
    public abstract override void Work(int i);

public class ClassC : ClassB 
    public override void DoWork(int i)
        // New implementation.

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