SQL Server Scripts for input of the queries

These are scripts for input of the queries. Here we have employeeMaster,deptMaster and empDeptMapping. We will write queries on this tables in the future queries.

create table employeeMaster(eno int primary key, ename varchar(30), sal int,location varchar(20))

create table deptMaster(dno int primary key, dname varchar(30));

create table empDeptMapping(eno int foreign key references employeemaster(eno), dno int foreign key references

insert into employeeMaster values(1,'ranga',260000,'Hyderabad');
insert into employeeMaster values(2,'swati',330000,'Bangalore');
insert into employeeMaster values(3,'anil',220000,'chennai');
insert into employeeMaster values(4,'john',310000,'Bangalore'),(5,'Kavitha',110000,'Bangalore'),

insert into deptMaster values(1,'IT')
insert into deptMaster values(2,'Admin')
insert into deptMaster values(3,'Finance'),(4,'HR')
insert into empDeptMapping values(1,1),(2,1),(3,1),(4,3),(5,2),(6,4)
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