What is Lazy initialization in c#.net

Lazy initialization

For improving the performace of the application object will initializaed at first usage. This process is called as Lazy initialization.

In the singleton design pattern we are using this Lazy initialization. Please check below example. In this we are using lazy Initialization in public static SingletonTest returnInstanc() this method.

   class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
//can't use new keyword due to protection level. 
            SingletonTest logFile = SingletonTest.returnInstanc(); //http://aspnettutorialonline.blogspot.com/
            logFile.Code = "http://aspnettutorialonline.blogspot.com/";

//singleton class having private constructor. 
    class SingletonTest
        private static SingletonTest singletonTest = null;
//creating a property
        private string code = string.Empty;

        private SingletonTest()
            code = string.Empty;

        public static SingletonTest returnInstanc()
//lazy initialization 
            if (singletonTest == null)
                singletonTest = new SingletonTest();
            return singletonTest;
//exposing property to the other classes.
        public string Code
            get { return code; }
            set { code = value; }

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