The Common Language Runtime

The main work of CLR in .net framework is giving execution environment. It is a broker or layer between operating system and .net applications languages, we can call this one as Common language specification. This will convert Managed code to native code after that it will run or execute the program. In the CLR, Just in Time(JIT) compiler is there. JIT compiler will convert Microsoft intermediate language to native code.

Some of the main functions of CLR.
Memory Management (allocating memory to objects, datatypes, buffers and more).

  1. Thread Execution
  2. Code access Security
  3. system services.
  4. Code management like code loading and execution. 
  5. Version Control
  6. Application memory isolation. 
  7. Conversion from MSIL to native code. 
  8. Accessing the meta data
  9. Exception handling with different or cross language exceptions. 
  10. Inter operation between managed code. 
  11. Support to developer (debugging, profiling and so on).

Parts of CLR : 

  1. CTS main functionality is to give common data types for all .net languages. So, we can call CLR is language independent run time environment. 
  2. CLS (Common Language Specification)
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